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Autumn Leaves

Join the Movement

  • Membership

    Every year

Membership benefits will include:​​

  • Access to educational articles and videos about bonsai created by women

  • Invitation to join a yearly virtual presentation by a professional female artist

  • Access to the PPS forum

  • The ability* to participate in PPS events including:

    • Online auctions​

    • Showing your bonsai at our bonsai conventions

  • The ability* to apply for a PPS bonsai scholarship for education and training

*While membership is open to all genders there are a few benefits that are limited to our female membership.  Anyone will be free to donate items to online or in-person auctions, but only women can bid.  All will be welcome at our bonsai conventions, but only trees created by women will be shown.  Only women are eligible for our bonsai scholarships.

Financial Aid is Available

If you want to join but cannot afford the membership fee please contact us.  

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